Digital Assets

As our treasury builds and begins to stabilize and appreciate, Uniglo will accept community proposals for investment projects and/or Cryptocurrencies. Returns made from these investments are owned by the treasury and are redistributed back to users over time by buying and burning $GLO tokens, raising the price floor. In comparison to the tangible assets we hold, we are looking for our digital investments to earn and show us higher but potentially ‘riskier’ returns compared to our real-world assets. This will enhance risk mitigation, allowing Uniglo to appreciate while also protecting its portfolio from negative swings during volatile market conditions.
A majority of our digital holdings will be cryptocurrencies within the Top 15 such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, etc. This is to protect our treasury holdings from speculative projects focusing a majority of our efforts on more predictable and proven projects and cryptos within the ecosystem.