What Chain are we on?
Uniglo is built on the Ethereum Chain. Ethereum offers steady and stable transfer. Being the creator of smart contracts means it has and will continue to have a foothold within blockchain for years to come.
How do I buy $GLO tokens?
$GLO is currently in the presale phase and tokens can be purchased here. At Launch, Uniglo will be available to purchase on Uniswap, a leading decentralized exchange on the Ethereum Chain.
What address can I add as my destination address?
When buying $GLO from presale, you need to add an address where your $GLO will be airdropped at launch. This address CAN NOT be an exchange address to which you do not have the private keys. Wallets such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc., allow you to add ETH as a chain and import our custom $GLO contract address.
When will I get my Presale tokens?
Once you purchase from Uniglo's platform, you can view the $GLO amount you will receive at launch on the dashboard. Once Launched, your tokens will be airdropped to the destination addresses you input.
Are our tokens vested?
Yes, Presale tokens are vested for a linear 30 days. This means approximately 3.3% of your $GLO is unlocked every day until reaching 100% on Day 30. Vesting is applied to protect the protocol and its price while in its infancy allowing the team to build a steady foundation.
Can I sell and withdraw anytime?
Yes, contributors are free to trade $GLO tokens freely at launch.
Do we burn our tokens?
Yes, we have a built-in 2% burn for every Buy/ Sell transaction. This is to ensure our protocol has a deflationary model.
What is the Ultra Burn Mechanism?
When we buy, sell, hold, trade, and make profits from our vault holdings, a percentage of this will be used to buy back $GLO from the secondary market and burn them. Intrinsically, raising its price for $GLO holders at a faster rate based on the protocol's success.

Has the contract been audited?

Our contract has been audited by Tier 1 firm Paladin Blockchain Security. Our audit can be found here