Everyone and anyone can 'Unite and Glo' with us just by holding $GLO. Any user holding $GLO will be able to cast votes during active proposals. The goal of the Glo Foundation is to create a project that involves the community in shaping the future of Uniglo. Through the various initiatives of the project, such as audits, purchases, and sales, the community will have a say in the decisions that affect the future.
The development team will initially guide the project's long-term objectives. However, as the community becomes more involved, they will eventually have more control over the project through our snapshot voting system. In addition, we will have an open chat where members can participate and submit their own ideas located on our Discord and Telegram channel.
Uniglo being a DAO means that $GLO tokens hold an intrinsic value and voting rights. Token holders also unlock a wealth of opportunities to participate and earn more $GLO such as
· Participate in any future $GLO Airdrops
· Purchase of selected NFTs from the $GLO Vault
· Vote on the sale of Vault assets
· Vote on the HODL of Vault assets
· Purchasing digital and physical $GLO merchandise
· Participate in Uniglo's DAO decision-making for the protocol
· Attend virtual and physical $GLO organized conferences in the future
+ Many more