Token Information

Only 218,750,000 (218.75 Million) $GLO will ever be minted. An overview of the total $GLO allocation is as follows:
  • (80.00%) Public: 175,000,000 $GLO
  • (7.30%) Liquidity Pool: 15,850,000 $GLO (Vested 12 months)
  • (5.00%) Uniglo Foundation: 10,937,500 $GLO (Vested for 3 years)
  • (5.00%) Development: 10,937,500 $GLO
  • (2.00%) Marketing: 4,375,000 $GLO
Out of the total supply, a maximum of 175,000,000 (175 Million) $GLO will be reserved for the community issuance with any unsold within the presale stage to be burnt to lower the supply.
Uniglo's Tokenomics model favors early backers and public holders with our own unique method of creating a healthy price floor.
The Glo Foundation has locked and vested its tokens for 3 years to show assurance within the price to work through any given market conditions, leaving the remaining tokens for development and marketing but mainly for our contributors.