The Solution

Why the world needs Uniglo
$GLO is a social currency backed by digital, real-world and rare NFT assets while embodying scarcity through definitive limited issuance.
$GLO is a return to an actual tangible asset-backed currency backed by a balanced ‘basket’ of valuable digital assets instead of using a gold standard. From digital art, Rare whisky NFTs, Digitized Gold, Cryptocurrencies and even rare collectables, $GLO is seeking to strike a balance between wealth preservation and growth speculation.
The top 1% continue to hold their wealth within tangible and rare collectable objects such as Gold, Watches, Fine Wine, Real Estate, and Cryptocurrencies. We, as the Uniglo community, set the price. We can hedge against the volatility of cryptocurrencies by holding stablecoins and other traditional appreciating assets like digital gold. We can also take advantage of higher-risk assets such as emerging NFTs and Cryptocurrencies that have in the past risen considerably in shorter periods. This unique blend of stable & volatile cryptocurrencies with digitized tangible assets and NFTs allows us to have a substantial hedge by mixing asset classes.
United, We Glo